About Us

AnyTimeMentor is a Leading tutoring company which enables students to learn LIVE with some of the best-curated mentors. ATM's U.S.P. is their quality mentors and personalised teaching. We have taught over a million hours to more than 50,000 satisfied students globally. ATM's Online Tutoring platform enables LIVE and INTERACTIVE LEARNING between a mentor and a student. It offers both grouped and individual sessions. At ATM, our trained mentors give personalised teaching using two-way audio, video and white boarding tools where both mentor and student can see, hear, write and interact with each other in real time.

ATM caters to grades 1-12 and prepares you for your school boards, competitive examinations and co-curriculum course as well. Math, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Vedic math etc.; Science, Physics, Chemistry, Bio; English, fluent speaking, grammar etc. are some of the subjects and courses we offer.

Why we exist?

Teaching process has stayed the same for decades. The traditional teaching and offline education system are plagued with multiple inefficiencies.

read more close Our vision at ATM is to reimagine and evolve the way teaching and learning have been happening for decades but without forgetting the values. By combining quality mentors,engaging content and superior technology;we are able to create a superior learning experience for students and aid in their outcome improvement, which is unlike any offline experience. Teaching and learning are set to transform at a rapid pace and our mission at ATM is to accelerate these transformations.

Find the Best Mentors

ATM provides you with a Free Demo where in you get to learn from a mentor according to your requirements.

read more close You can request a change anytime because your satisfaction is first for us. A personalised and customised learning plan will be made by our mentor for you, ensuring that none of the concept and topic remains unattended. Regular Assignment sheets after every session, Subjective, Objective and Application based tests to check your understanding and progress over a topic are some benefits you avail when you join us.

Our Vision

Our vision is very simple yet impactful. We want to make education and learning accessible to every nook and corner and to the remotest place of world one can ever imagine.

read more close We want to create a thriving space for our Mentors where they can not just facilitate and lead to the significant growth of their students but can also mature in terms of teaching, mentorship and learning. We all need motivators to guide us and mentor us at every step of learning and now AnytimeMentor ensures that you have a mentor at every step of your academic career so that you excel at a fast paced rate and improve historically in every arena. So, finding your best mentors is indeed a click, a tap away. So all you need is to dream, we will help you turn that dream into a goal. AnytimeMentor are here to lay the foundation.

Some Prominent Team Members

Pankaj Pandey


He believes into Education as it’s important & mandatory resource to get the better Future.

read more close Intelligence can’t be measured with scores. The real intelligence makes you practically Perfect.
So, while learning any of the Subject make sure you understand its practical application in day to day life.
That’s what he is trying to implement here too.

Priyanka Bhatia


Working as an Educator from last 20 years. Experience in all curriculum, Taught all curriculums

read more close through online mode.
Believe Education is not bounded to certain place. It should be done conceptually neither State wise / Country wise.
After that practice can only make you perfect. Take difficulties of the Subject as a Challenge, use what you have already & get to know what can be produced.


(Trainer and Mentor)

Myself Meenal mentoring students since last 18 years. The journey in the industry of education

read more close has been long giving new experience, learning and joy each single day.
Being in this industry never let’s me grow older rather enables me to relive my childhood.
As an educator, I wish that each of my learners become problem solver and solution seeker in the life as well.
It gives me immense pleasure to be associated with the learning platform ATM which really gives learners and mentors both roots to grow and wings to fly. Best regards

Charu Puri

(Master Trainer)

I have been working as a mentor for last 16+years. I believe in providing guidance to the students

read more close so that they become independent.
My interest in maths and science always encourage me to find new and improved methods to be applied in the said subjects.
Having Bachelor’s Degree in Education, Philosophy and Psychology encourages me to find the mind block and clear it from the child’s mind.
I have Specialization in Competitive Maths and General Aptitude, useful for student applying for any competition